About The Project

557430_188193584647331_2145724562_nThis semester, I’ll be sharing my experience with a non-profit called She’s the First*{Michigan}. I helped co-found the student organization at the University of Michigan as one of around 30 campus chapters across the country that represent the national non-profit, She’s the First.

She’s the First is a non-profit organization that sponsors girls in developing countries who are the first in their families to graduate. Last semester, She’s the First*{Michigan} chose to raise money to sponsor a girl in Guatemala at Starfish One By One Academy.

You can find more information about the organization by reading my introduction blog post, or by visiting the website.

As the current VP Marketing, I will have hands-on experience spreading awareness of the organization on campus, promoting it through various media outlets, helping to organize large fundraising events, and maintaining communication with the national Founder and President, Tammy Tibbetts.

I’m excited to share my journey with you and can’t wait to highlight why both the organization and the cause of girls’ education worldwide is so important to me.

I hope you’ll join me!


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