7. Campaign Case Study: #STFCupcakes Across YouTube, Flickr, and Pinterest

This past fall, campus chapters and individuals from all over the country competed in the She’s the First 2nd-Annual Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake-Off (using the hashtag, #STFCupcakes). In this post, I am going to briefly analyze the way in which She’s the First utilized YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest to promote the campaign in various, but also complementary, ways.

1) YouTube

In the weeks leading up to the Cupcake Bake-Off, She’s the First posted this call-to-action video that explains the campaign itself, it’s history and what the motivation behind the campaign is. The video was an attempt to get Bake-Off teams to sign-up and register on the STF website.

Overall, I think the video is effective in that it elicits positive emotion and inspiration in the viewer and appropriately targets the youth audience. With a few powerful quotes and introductions from the founder as well as a prominent college student and spokesperson (who later went on to win the Seventeen magazine “Pretty Amazing” cover contest), this video encapsulates the excitement and builds on momentum already established by the visual power of the tie-dye cupcake itself.

2) Flickr

This specific photo “set” from the She’s the First Flickr profile (which hosts over 3,000 photos overall!), is meant to streamline the best campaign photos from all across the country and put them all in one place (submitted by 160 Bake-Off teams from 42 states). Overall, the photo set is effective in combining the photos posted by campus chapters around the country, and is a great place to refer back to for visual “proof” of the event and its success.

Image3) Pinterest

While it is kind of a challenge to think about how this campaign can be most effectively demonstrated on Pinterest, She’s the First used the platform primarily for posting the campus chapter awards for certain chapters that exceeded expectation in some category (i.e. most money raised, best social media, creative advertising, etc.). They also used the platform as a way to post recaps of the week-long campaign and to showcase the beautiful tie-dye cupcakes created by individuals across the country.

ImageThe main difference in how each social media platform was utilized during the campaign dealt with whether the purpose was to build excitement leading up to the campaign, document the success of the individual baking teams or bring photos from all across the country together. Overall, I think She’s the First used each social media platform in a way that complemented its best capabilities, however, it would also be interesting to study how they promoted each of these social media platforms during the campaign itself—or whether they relied on their followers’ natural inclination to look them up to discover the content.


One thought on “7. Campaign Case Study: #STFCupcakes Across YouTube, Flickr, and Pinterest

  1. I like the way you’ve tied what we’ve been talking about in class to this recent campaign from She’s the First. I’m curious about your observations on the interactions generated, on Pinterest, YouTube, or Flickr. Do you think the campaign generated the sense of community Tibbets was hoping for?

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